The “If…” Project and the Flood Waters

Surfing to catch up on the news (still really wet here in Houston) and I came across The “If…” Project. I have already started thinking about what my answer will be to this month’s topic – “If you had all the money you would ever need…and more, what would you do with your life? What would be your motivation to get out of bed everyday?” Join in the collaboration.

Today my motivation to get out of bed was to check on my car. UGH. There is about an inch of water in the car. It already has the nasty funky flood smell. *sigh* Well, I am thankful I have insurance. I called in to Farmers Insurance this morning bright and early and was fortunate to get through right away. The claim rep asked for my phone number “in case we get disconnected” – which we did, about 2 minutes later. After a few calls back though we already have my claim under way and now I just have to wait for the insurance adjuster to call me. Then the woman from Farmers called Enterprise Rental cars and lined up my car rental even. Fortunately I had called one of the local branches before and found out that they had a few cars left – so when Enterprise said that none of the local branches had a car I told them that the branch 20 minutes away did, and she called them and they still had one. I had to get over there right away to pick it up, they closed at 12 (it was 11 by then) and they were holding my car only because of their agreement with Farmers’. People were calling every few minutes trying to hold cars with a credit card and they wouldn’t do it – first come first serve – except me! I got the royal princess treatment! I got their to pick up the rental and they were going to give me a Lumina at first. I wasn’t too thrilled – that is what my dad owns & when I drive it it feels like I am floating in a boat. They then offered to let me have an Acura Integra for the same price (under $35 a day, my insurance limit). I was *thrilled*. It drives just like my Civic except it is an automatic (mine’s a manual) and it even has a sunroof and CD player.

The Honda dealership told me to not even start my car. I haven’t figured out yet how I am going to get the water out of the car if I can’t drive it anywhere. The claim adjuster will call me on Monday. Ummm… yeah, right. The whole city is under water. Interstate 10 has 18-wheelers floating down it, over the submerged cars. Oh, guess what? We are still going to get more rain. Hopefully not as much as last night, but then again they weren’t expecting that storm – you never know what will happen here when it comes to weather. And the storm could restrengthen over the Gulf of Mexico and come back through again.

Thank goodness I was able to reach Chelsey on her cell phone – she was at a shelter not to stay but rather to volunteer if she was needed. She lives in the Friendswood/Pearland area and they have had rain all week. She said that she hasn’t flooded but that everything around her is. I was really worried, I thought for sure her horses were learning how to do the backstroke by now after 4 days of rain.

You can watch the news live at ABC 13 – KTRK. I will post a few pictures in a little bit.

By Christine

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