The Importance of Being Matt…

Dwight Silverman wrote a great post about Matt Mullenweg today. It is hard to believe just how much has happened since Matt left Houston for San Francisco, and how WordPress has grown, developed, and changed the blogosphere over that time.

Speaking of Dwight, I *finally* got to meet him in person this morning. We have been in the same circle here now since 2003 or so, and yet we have never met in person. People have even joked that we’re like Clark Kent and Superman – never in the same room at the same time. (He is CLEARLY the Superman in this scenario.) And the first thing he told me? That he gave me a shout out in the post. For naming WordPress. My last great claim to geek fame… ah, good times, good times.

Now I need to go and focus on the Got Social Media conference. Read about Matt, he is quite the awesome guy.

And remember – social media tools don’t make the conversation, they support it. Now go forth and Twitter!

By Christine

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Donalyza, at the time, WordPress was still a dream – WP v0.71 or whatever had not even come out yet. Very few people other than Matt were using it. Automattic? Still a few years away! It grew out of WP, WP didn’t grow out of Automattic. So no, no cut at all for me. I’m ok with that – I’m a huge supporter of OpenSource, and that was what WP was all about. I’m not a programmer, so I did what I could to contribute – social media evangelizing (because I believed in it) and giving it a name.

Jennifer, no great story actually – I’ve named several companies over the years, I just seem to have a sense for what people will remember, and what has a good “sound” to it. So when Matt said he needed a name, I offered to think on it and let him know if I came up with one. I called him a few days later and left a crazypants message, probably yelling WordPress a few times and talking about having verified that a flavor of the URL was available. The rest? History.

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