The Irony isn’t Lost on Me…

Normally, I would never talk about a job I have an interview for, but this one is just too ironic…

It’s a well known fact that I do not like Houston. It’s so hot here in the winter I had to turn on the air conditioning in my car today. It’s so hot here in the summer you can’t do anything outside out of fear of melting. I don’t mind it too much when I go in to downtown, and I would love to live in the Heights (although I’m not too sure about the schools) but in general I don’t like Houston and long to live up north again someday.

So it is just incredibly ironic that I have an interview on Monday with a key non-profit group that is specifically focused on the future of Houston. Just think, soon I could be working to promote Houston.

Me. Promoting Houston.

I’ve had to lie about worse things; I can pretend to love Houston. Anarchy will start from within…

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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Houston. Like Dallas, but further from Oklahoma.

Houston. Longhorn-esque logo, but the sense to not use burnt orange.

Houston. We bothered to finish off our dome.

Or maybe not? :-p

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