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The Itchy People…

It amuses me to no end that my site has become a forum for itchy people. Over time, this post has received over 725 comments, and it gets more every day or so. Seriously.

The comments now have nothing to do with my original post. I was talking about having allergy testing done, and how my arms were driving me crazy afterwards for the next few days.

Now, all of these people are taking it a completely different direction, since they have the itch, but it is due to a medical condition that is quite a mystery. I’ve considered closing down the comments, but so many people use it and it makes them happy, why bother? I thought about setting up a real forum for them, but I hate moderating forums. Akismet catches the comment spam, so that makes life easy. Sometimes I have to approve their comments that end up in moderation, but it is no big deal.

It just cracked me up to see the latest one today. They have gotten together and made a survey. “We will repeat this message in a shorter form once in a while for new contributors on Pink Cookie to see.”

I don’t think they have any idea that this site is a blog, and that it continues to grow around them. They are in their own little world, scratching away and looking for help.

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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That is very odd–they’ve formed their own little pink cooking community. It’s like the locker space in MIB where the little people live and worship the clock. Well sort of. At least that’s what it makes me think of. 😉

I had something kind of like that on my old blog (although no where near 725!). I wrote a post lamenting the loss of KRTS (the last classical-only station in Houston) and that post received comments every few weeks for months and months afterwards. People that had no idea it was a blog trying to rally support and find contact information for the former hosts.

But man you DO have your own little locker universe!

I’m one of ‘the itchy people’ 🙂 I discovered your blog quite by accident when googling for this bloody itch and came across your comments section and was utterly amazed to find that there were a bunch of people with the same problem & most importantly that the treatment most said would work was discussed in detail… so despite the oddity of it being in this format I am most grateful for the opportunity to not feel alone in this! There are people with what seem to be *exactly* the problem I have, and there are no other sites which discuss it..

I too have a blog with a similar issue. I posted about a company I had an issue with and over the last 2 years there are literally thousands and thousands of posts. The blog entry comes up #1 when googling for this company (the company are furious!) and my personal blog is this mecca for people with a gripe… lol. Anyway I just leave them to it and occasionally as you do, refer to it in recent blog posts with some amusement!

Gee, 725+! You are famous in the itchy upper arm area of Google! How hilarious! just shows to go ya’ how one comment can so affect the world!

I don’t know that we are clueless…more desperate than anything. For myself, and expect most of those who happened on to your blog, it was after hours of researching this “thing” we all share, and finding zero answers, or even realizing we are not the only ones on the planet who have it, that we have pooled our knowledge to help each other. Just what happens on lots of googled sites, but ours just happens to sound pretty weird to those who don’t have it. If you read the posts regarding our itch…it isn’t a simple itch. It is to one degree or another, life changing because it is so bad and nothing will stop it, but by combining our little bits of information, many of us have found some measure of relief.
Thanks for letting us use your blog!!

GingerY & Katie – I have actually read all of the comments, so I now know a lot about the itchy problem. I feel a lot of sympathy for you all too, as someone who has experienced phantom medical pains. (right side, right below my rib cage – but it isn’t my gallbladder, which was tested extensively.)

I can totally relate to being desperate for information. Which is why I have made a point not to close the comments, and to just let things run their natural course there.

I just get amused when I see people that never read anything else on this site. It is as if the site is about the itch alone – and the post is from 2004!

Katie, I have one of those posts too about a company – but it hasn’t taken off like yours! Man, that is just amazing!

Hi and to reiterate what the other itchers have said thanks for letting us use your site, but I have to say I am slightly disappointed with the reaction of yourself and other writers who seem to think our problem is too be taken lightly and laughed about, if any of you happen to get this problem I am sure you will definately not be laughing. Many of the people on here have suffered delibitating injuries which may have led to our problem. I was also one of the people who put together the survey, which I hasten to add is not going on pink cookie but on a separate site called zoomerang where one of us has an account. The survey we hope will help us all to possibly find some help to the condition that rules and ruins our lives. We will be looking to start our own site, as I think it has been said before, we found this quite by accident. And to the person, who asked whether we knitted, yes I do knit and cross stitch, but find it quite awkward to do while tearing my arm to bits and then bleeding all over my work, hopefully you will never have to suffer the same complaint!

Stephanie, NO ONE is laughing at you. Not myself or anyone else who commented here on this post. My amusement was over the fact that the original post had nothing to do with the topic that the comments now cover, that there are so many comments on that post, and the latest one that inspired me to post about it. (It was a slow writing day.)

Of course the survey itself isn’t on my site. That is obvious, since there is no way for you to do that.

Please let me know if you do set up another site – I will be happy to post a link on the original post to send people there.

I am one of the ones who found this site totally by accident in one of many moments of desperation. And although this itchy thing has developed its own life in a most unlikely place, I wish to thank Christine for not shutting it down. This is such an apparently unheard of condition, that those of us suffering with this are searching ANYWHERE for some answers or help. This is truly a horrible, uncontrollable condition and we all are just looking for guidance and advice and to at least find out we are not nuts and are not the only ones on the planet with this affliction. Just imagine trying to go into a meeting that you are supposed to lead and all you can do is scratch your arms with your pocket knife ’til they bleed….. I hope the new site will be launched soon so that
Christine can go on with her real plans for the blog.

Hi Christine, I also found this web-site accidently a couple of yrs ago, the last two years were realy bad, I suffered alot and got very little sleep for a few months. This year has been better, so far. My itching was worse last night for the first time this year,I read a mewssage from a lady last week that said try warm salt water, it worked, I just pray it keeps on working. Christine, I want to thank you from my heart for being such a caring and kind woman. We need more people like you in this world, I cannot imagine anyone saying unkind remarks to you, simply ignore them, your a great woman. Thank you and God Bless, sleep softly JoAnn Chandler

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