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Robyn will be so proud. I actually heard about the fact that Nicolas Cage married Lisa Marie Presley, thanks to my co-workers. Tod, Chris & I were returning from a client meeting this morning when the conversation somehow turned to the fact that they had gotten married. Someone made a really good point though – how could he marry someone that was once married to Michael Jackson? That man is just wrong on so many, many levels. He’s turned himself white and he has a sliver for a nose. He’s just creepy. Speaking of Michael Jackson, do you think that Michael and Janet are really one in the same person? Because you know … you never see them together. Sure, they are on videos together – but that’s easy to fake. Could they be the same person? Come on, what do you think? And how about Lisa Marie marrying Nicholas Cage? I just don’t see it…

By Christine

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I have often wondered the same thing about Michael and Janet. Ewwwwwwwww….

And I’m not sure about the Lisa Marie/Nicholas Cage marriage. I think he’s played in too many Las Vegas movies and that could be enough to make him idolize anybody related to Elvis 😉
Do you suppose its a publicity stunt to help commemorate Elvis’s birthday? (which I wouldn’t know about ‘cept for the fact that Cis mentioned it being the same as her bday 😉 )

Ok, the photos in that article show both Lisa Marie and Nicholas Cage with the same teeny tiny Michael Jackson nose! Whatsup with that? Oh well, so long as Lisa Marie’s happy.

(Look at this link for more M. Jackson horror)

I’m with Kymberlie. I’ve always thought that LaToya and Michael were the same person. They dislike each other, so they’re NEVER seen together. They have exactly the same facial features. The only quandary this brings up is… The Playboy Spread. :-/

First Janet and Justin. Now Nicholas and Lisa Marie. Ew. Ew. Ew. So very wrong.

Didn’t he speak out that his 105th album didn’t do well because of “racism?” I mean would he not even be a race? He once was african american but he’s bleached his skin so many times that he’s become his own race of people. I can’t stand Michael Jackson.

i once saw latoya nude at the moulin rouge. okay, she was only topless, but i’m pretty sure she isn’t michael.

and as for this cage/presley union, all i can think is that hollywood is finally arranging marriages for entertainment value. “this marriage has been brought to you by the national enquirer and the jerry springer show!”

Michael and Janet? One and the same? I hope not but you have to wonder. The only thing that makes me think they are not is the nose thing. Her nose, at least, looks normal. The thing is if he wears a false nose when he is Janet…what makes him think his Michael nose is worth switching back too?
You are right he is creepy on too many levels but then so must Lisa to even contemplate marriage to him. This has to lead into the question of why the cage man chose to marry someone that was once weird enough to marry a freak show? Either she has changed and is no longer weird or Mr. Cage is no where near as normal as I thought he was.
Perhaps we should not be surprised really…Hollywood is not noted for its, shall we say, run-of-the-mill types.

Don’t stop ’til you get enough
Just the other day Christine was talking about her theory that Michael Jackson is actually Janet. (I happen to believe he’s LaToya.) So what should I find on Daypop, but this most hysterical site — “The History of Michael Jackson’s Face”. Spew alert!

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