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The Original Jellin’ …

I was just thinking about them the other day. Jellies. The fantabulous summer shoes of the 80s. I think I had two or three pairs – I had to match them with my clothes, of course! I’m almost tempted to order some just to relive the memories!

By Christine

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11 replies on “The Original Jellin’ …”

Oooh and they are even in the same style as my old 2nd and 3rd grade jellies. They don’t come in purple, which is my favorite jelly color, that is the only thing that’s helping me resist.

I agree…don’t do it!! if you must make a bad fashion statement do it with screaming blue mascara…oh wait, I think that’s back, too!!

Oh God…I don’t mind reliving past decades – but why the 80’s! Bleh!

No, don’t do it! Remember how uncomfortable they are and how much they make your feet sweat. It’s better to keep your fond memories of them, than to try to relive it and experience the jarring reality.

Ah, jellies. I lived in those things when I was a little kid! My favourite pair were lime green! 🙂

But I agree with everyone, Nooooo! Resist the urge of the jelly! Because well, weren’t those things just terribly uncomfortable?

See, I remember them being comfortable – but hot. That was in Illinois, so imagine how sweltering hot they would be in Houston? Yeah, my feet would melt!

I’m still slightly tempted to go buy the clear pair, just to bug the crap out of people when I wear them. But for $18, I’ll resist it.

Next week, blue eyeshadow!

That reminds me of my Jellie shoe experience… my parents imigrated from Cuba with nothing and built up their life here in the US with a lot of hard work. When these shoes were all the rage I begged and pleaded with my parents to get them for me. They always said no because they said that in Cuba those were the shoes the poor people wore and that they did not come to America to have their children wear poor people shoes! It may sound a bit insensitive but I can see now it was just their pride.

My grandmother though did not have the same hang-up so when I visited her in Miami one summer and told her the story, she bought me a pair just to spite my parents! So, I finally had the Jellies… but yes, they sure made my feet sweat!

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