The Real Reason…

I don’t like to clean for a reason. I don’t mind the basic day-to-day stuff, but we still have boxes around from when I moved in March. With the wedding in May, things just didn’t get unpacked. And some of these boxes (ok, most) are full of stuff that shouldn’t have moved anyways. Old papers, magazines, things like that.

My project for last night was to clear out the boxes that were in the study. I must have gone through 7-8 boxes, at least. I was a tossing machine – so much stuff has gone out in the trash, it is wonderful!

This morning, I feel like my head is going to explode. I have been attacked by the evil dust mites that must have been living among all that paper, and it sucks. Sudafed and Excedrin, I should be feeling better later (which is good, I still have 3 boxes to go through in there, and a lot more in other rooms). However, I was reminded once again … this is why I hate to clean.

By Christine

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When doing things like that the missus always wears one of those cheapo masks (like doctors wear) to filter the air – see if you can find something like that a hardware store – it makes a great deal of difference. You might still need the sudafed but you probably wouldn’t be nearly as miserable.

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