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My Mom e-mailed this to me, and it just amused me too much not to share. Especially since I just read on the front page of the Houston Chronicle how Bush will drag us in to war with Iraq regardless of what the U.N. thinks about it. Ugh.

In other news, when driving home last night from the H-Town blogs gathering at Brasil’s, I passed an intersection that had several flags that had been placed there with flowers and candles on the ground … and it took me a second to realize it was 6 U.S.A. flags and 1 Israel flag. It was a beautiful and simple tribute, and if it hadn’t been late and pretty dark I would have been tempted to turn around just to photograph it. Sometimes it’s the simple things…

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LOL! We’re “going it alone” and being dragged along with Britain, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia, among others! Screw France, Germany, China, and Russia! Unilateral this ISN’T. France, Germany, China and Russia are the security council members that want to trade with Iraq and make money from them. All the while, there are many more countries lined up shoulder to shoulder with us on this one. The UN is, unfortunately, becoming useless. They’ve forgotten their charter, and are not acting where they should act. They have become eunuchs.

1. A castrated man employed as a harem attendant or as a functionary in certain Asian courts.
2. A man or boy whose testes are nonfunctioning or have been removed.
3. Informal. An ineffectual, powerless, or unmasculine man.

They say that the U.S. is motivated by personal interests? Let’s take a look at the arsenal of Iraq and find out where their hardware has come from. Hmmm… sure are a lot of Russian, German, French, Chinese, and yes, North Korean hardware there!!! Who is after their own personal interests here?

a) I LOVE that funpile thing! Too funny!!

b) That is an excellent quote. One I should probably write down somewhere and read often. I’m often feeling that what I do is not worthwhile because I’m not the “best” at it… but that quote really is true. Thanks! 🙂

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