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My parents will be attending a Bat Mitzvah in a few weeks, and yesterday at lunch we were talking about gifts. What is a good gift to give for a Bat Mitzvah?

By Christine

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Yep. Money is traditional, although certainly not required. If there’s something else that your parents know the youngster likes or wants, then they should go for it. The traditional thing, though, especially for the adults, is to give money in a multiple of $18 — 18 being the numerical symbol for “chai” which means life (e.g. l’chaim). (It’s considered good luck – a wish for a good, long life.) So $18 or $36 (double chai) is very nice. If they feel like that’s not enough (and I really don’t know what “the going rate” is these days, not to mention the fact that regions and communities differ, so take all this for what it’s worth), they might additionally give an $18 donation in honor of the youngster becoming a Bar (or Bat, if a girl) Mitzvah to a charity the family supports or to the synagogue where the service is being held,

Pendants or small jewelry are good, money is always good, or get her a plaque affirming her accomplishment or commitment. Think of it in the same terms as a graduation, since that’s what this is in a sense. It’s really about celebrating her, and the next step in life.

Hope that helps.


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