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The Truth & Nothing but the Truth…

Should History Record the Unvarnished Bush?: “goofs, and accompanying laughter, were stricken from the record — deus ex machina — in the official White House transcripts.” Official transcripts by definition should record exactly what was said and how Bush said it. I don’t care if he flubbed someone’s name or said we should volunteer for 4,000 years of work – record it as he said it instead of cleaning up the mistakes. That’s what they are there for, and as a citizen I think they should be recorded accurately.

By Christine

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2 replies on “The Truth & Nothing but the Truth…”

i love how he didn’t even know the name of the State of the Union Address… he calls it “that speech”. he’s a friggin dumbass… and history should record it so, in hopes that someone like that never gets “elected” again… uh oh, I feel an audit coming on…

Well, what can we say… this is the same country that elected Jesse Ventura Governor of Minnesota and re-elected Clinton for whatever reason. The citizens of South Carolina must be quite proud of the communist’esque bill that Senator Fritz Hollings introduced. We do some pretty dumb things as Americans, ya know?

In case you’re wondering, I don’t vote on party lines. I think it’s equally stupid to vote for someone you know nothing about simply because they belong to the right “club”. As the last election proved, your vote counts. Don’t waste it on an idiot, regardless of party affiliation.


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