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The Update…

I had my appointment yesterday, and don’t know much more today than I did when I left for it. They did an endometrial biopsy to find out if there is any issue there, and they are sending me for an ultrasound on Thursday. Once they get those two results back – probably about a week or so – we will know more. There are plans to schedule a laproscopic scope at that time. Meanwhile, they had me start taking the pill again to (hopefully) help stop the bleeding. Still feeling a bit cruddy today, and more congested on top of that, so it is a low-key day.

I’m stressed out about the whole thing – enough that I called the nurse this morning and told her how stressed out I am. I don’t cope well with the “it is probably nothing – you’re too young for it to be anything” response. Yeah, the whole ovarian cyst thing wasn’t normal either, and I was only 20 at the time. I know they were just trying to help keep me calm, and if it wasn’t for my past history it probably would have helped. I’m way too much of a realist (or a bit too neurotic, take your pick) to ever say never.

Originally, he suggested having me take the pill for a few months and just wait and see. I think the fact that he suddenly turned me into a crying pile of goo clued him in pretty fast that that wasn’t the right answer. He the pointed out that he could schedule a scope, but wanted an ultrasound first. I told him that was what I wanted because I wanted answers now, not to have to wait & see how it turns out. He agreed that that made sense. I’m glad he at least listened to me – and I’m comfortable with where we are at now. Aside from the fact that I don’t have more answers yet, but at least we’re doing something about it.

And yeah, I promise that I won’t be a dork in the future and put off going to the doctor. I know better. I was in denial, and that isn’t normal for me. I think I was just enjoying not having to deal with the medical profession for awhile.

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One bright spot: Even though it wasn’t your regular doctor, he seems to be one you can talk to, and one who listens.

We’re sending you lots of good luck vibes.

good for you on pushing back when the doc just wanted to wait and see. if you don’t stand up for yourself, no one will!

oh – AND you are NOT broken, you are a whole and incredibly dynamic person who just happens to have a medical issue at the moment. Keep thinking positive thoughts – I’ll be sending good energy and prayers your way…

Oh, sweetie! *hugs* I hope you can get things figured out and get you back to feeling better!

That whole “you’re too young” thing seriously ticks me off. I’ve heard that WAY too many times in the past couple of months. My doc thinks that at 35, I’m too young to be peri-menopausal, even though I exhibit just about ALL of the signs. My ophthalmologist thinks I’m too young to need bifocals, even though I can’t SEE properly.

I hate doctors. A LOT.

Hi there. here is hoping the test comes back okay. You are experiencing the same thing that I am. Severe pain in the left side and heavy bleeding. I have had the biopsy, a CAT scan, and next will be a Colonoscopy – to rule out anything before they do a hysterectomy. I have a lot of scar tissue and was thinking this was the problem, but isn’t, according to the CAT scan. So as of right now, I am hoping the hysterectomy takes care of things. Praying that you find answers as well. (still looking for mine.)

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