The Wait

I went in for the IVP test today so they could scan my kidneys to check out this kidney stone situation. I don’t know the results yet, the radiologist had to read the scans and then my doctor’s office will call with the results. I hope to know by early next week – the end of May is coming up fast! (That’s when my insurance coverage ends unless I pick up Cobra.) I forgot to ask about that “no red or purple” issue. It must react somehow with the test. I may just go by and ask next week. Anyways, I hate waiting on test results. It doesn’t seem like I had to wait last time I had a kidney stone like this. I am wondering if I should go to a specialist to get this speeded up.

And there is another wait now too. I have been doing some job hunting & networking. Made some calls, sent out some resumes today, now I have to wait for them to set up interviews. Have I mentioned lately that I have no patience? Trying not to get my hopes up yet though. But there is one prospect that would be quite ideal. I hope it works out!

By Christine

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