The Web is Complete!

I blocked the shawl last night on Jason’s old twin bed. (Lately he has been sleeping on the queen-sized bed in the guest bedroom. Soon we will move all the beds around and the twin will go into the guest room.) First I hand washed it, then I sent it off for a 10 minute spin cycle in my non-agitating washing machine. That got a lot of water out of it, so I knew it would be dry by this morning. I took a standard size towel up to Jason’s room with me, because I thought I knew how much my Charlotte’s Web would grow when I blocked it.

Boy, was I wrong! It must have grown by at least 10-12 inches in width. I wish I had taken before and after measurements. It looked fabulous – and dry – this morning, and I remembered to take a “blocking” photo before I picked it up.

I wore it to the Mom’s group meeting, and Michelle asked me if it was my Charlotte’s Web, since she has been following my progress on it. It was great to get a chance to share it! It is so soft, and warm but not too hot. I love it. When we went to lunch, I commented that it was going to be too warm to wear it, and since Katy (my knitting guru) didn’t bring a sweater with her and she is always cold, I let her wear it for me. It was so neat to see how it “looks” when worn.

Jason came home from school and noticed that I had left the camera up in his room. He asked, “Mom, are you selling your shawl on Ebay?” I had to laugh. No, no – I just had to take photos of it! (Plus there was the added perk of using his bed to block it so I could shut the door and make sure none of the cats messed with it!)

Photos to come as soon as I find a card reader and download them! It is so nice to finally have this completely finished, since it came off the needles back at the end of July!

Update: When Mike got home, we took the required “holding the shawl out wide” photos, so my photo set of the Web is complete! I’ll upload them soon!

By Christine

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