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These Are the Days of My Life…

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I have a confession. I love to edit in little photo editing marathon sessions. Now that I’ve picked up on this, I’m working on a schedule to take advantage of it. Especially since over the next few months I have a total of 7, possibly 8 weddings to photograph. Most of the engagement sessions are done for the spring though, so that makes things a little lighter.

I am testing out the beta of Lightroom v. 2.0 now – and I just have to say that it is SWEEEEET! I am loving it! It is so cool that you can spot edit now, tweaking exposure in just certain areas of a photo. At this point, I’m only opening PhotoShop while proofing to add my logo to images before posting them online. Nice! It makes things so much faster!

Of course, I’ll still be doing the final edits before printing client work in PhotoShop – there is just some magic that can only happen there.

Today I wrapped up editing on Kara’s bridal session at Champion’s Country Club and Kara & Bryan’s engagement session in downtown Houston. Of course, I can’t post the bridal photos online yet, but the engagement session was such fun, I couldn’t wait to share it!

New editing schedule:
– Weekend shoot
– Proof Monday & Tuesday (ideally the wedding I just shot, but I know I’ll have other things to proof too.)
– Blog about event on Wednesday or Thursday
– Upload files as needed, burn backup copies to DVD, backup on external drive
– Fridays are my day off, along with most Sundays
– Lather, rinse, repeat!

Here are a few from Kara & Bryan’s shoot – there are more over on the Wedding Photography blog for you to check out!

Kara & Bryan

Kara & Bryan

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Christine, you’re the only person I know who can make the entrance to public restrooms look elegant and fun! (You’re the only person I know who would *think* to try it!)

Love all of these pics.

Omg, I found your site from Twitter and am enjoying it immensely. Great pictures you got here and I never thought the outer part of public restrooms can be a cool location to take pictures! Love the creativity.

Good to be here 🙂

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