Things that are Hard to Believe

Visiting Houston anytime soon? You can check out the Beer Can House while you are here. Yep, it’s for real. I’ve seen it. Even ate at the restaurant across the street once a few years ago. The house is quite interesting. Houston is a strange city.

My mom & I took Jason to the first day of Cub Scout Day Camp today. On the way home she was telling me about her experience last night with her PC-clueless friend. Seems Vivian (her friend) had received a free sample diskette of photos once when she had film developed. She has never, ever used the disk. So last night they decided to look at the pictures, my mother’s innocent attempt at teaching Vivian to appreciate her computer. When they inserted the disk and opened the photos all of the photos appeared upside down. Vivian told my mom to take the disk out and “put it in the other way so the pictures aren’t upside down.” Yes. Put it in the other way. She wanted her to insert the diskette backwards into the drive, thinking that would fix the problem. I was laughing sooooo hard when my mom told me about this. It only got worse when she said she told Vivian, “It doesn’t work like that.” Vivian responded, “Well – you always say computers can do anything. Fix it. Make it work.” *laughing* I love it. Put it in the other way… like it’s a slide projector or something!

By Christine

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