Things that Make You Go Hmmm…

Observation quiz: Did anyone else notice that Michelle and Ryan over at have different anniversary dates? Yeah, uhmmm… ok. (yeah, yeah, I was supposed to go to bed … but I got so much sleep in the past 24 hours without net access that now I am still wide awake.)

I finally added in my “date list” on the new skin. Whee!!! Anyone else have dates for me to add to my list? I am still missing birthdays for lots of people. Come on, you don’t have to post the year. Just the date will do!

By Christine

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Ok, here’s the explaination. When we decided to get married, the pastor wouldn’t marry us because we were living together ‘in sin’. So we figured out a loophole, we got married first on 12.10.97 to keep the pastor happy…..and then we got married again in the big ceremony on 1.31.98 for the friends and family. So just for fun, and to see if anyone noticed, we put the different dates on the site.

Well, at least you got “double married” and got it right it seems … I married my ex-husband twice, once on July 27, 1990 to meet the Army’s deadline of “must be married by Aug. 1 to get housing in Germany and go over together” and then again on Aug. 31, 1990. Only our parents, the priest, and a few friends knew about the 1st wedding (JP) because we didn’t live together inbetween the two, and no one noticed that the priest only pronounced us husband & wife “by the power vested in me by the Catholic Church” and not the State of Texas. It worked out really well though because he was able to get our housing (Army) assignment about Aug. 20, so we could move our stuff in before the second wedding and had a home waiting for us!

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