This Morning…

Got up bright and early and checked Jason’s blood sugar again. It was 93, which is within decent range for normal. After thinking about it & talking with my mom more about it, it seems that when he ate “Smarties” yesterday afternoon – can we say pure sugar??? At first she thought it was just 5 minutes or so before they tested him, so I thought there was no way it was in his system that fast. The more we talked about it though, it was probably closer to 15 or 20 minutes later, and it would make sense that his blood sugar would have spiked so high by then. Thanks, Mom, for scaring me like that… So I decided to monitor it more at home and take him to the doctor if there is a pattern of it being high. So far everything looks normal though, and I hate to subject him to a bunch of tests if all this was was a false alarm thanks to a package of “Smarties”.

By Christine

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No, the 10th is Saturday – the 11th is Sunday. We will still be camping – we camp Friday night (11/9/01) – Saturday (11/10/01). I will have the full schedule for it tomorrow, but I am pretty sure it is until 4-5pm before we finish up with activities. But … since I can’t do the fest on Saturday, maybe I can still come over to the Woodlands & visit with you guys?

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