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TIPS Overhaul…

Glory, glory hallelujah! Antiterror TIPSter plan to be overhauled! “A Bush administration proposal for a network of antiterrorism tipsters is being overhauled, thanks to harsh criticism that it would encourage Americans to spy on one another.” Someone finally woke up and realized where this was going! “The program came under heavy assault from civil libertarians and many in Congress, and the House passed a bill last month introduced by House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas, that would prohibit it.” PROHIBIT it. And if that wasn’t enough, “the Postal Service balked at its inclusion and other industries also expressed reservations, saying they didn’t want their workers looked at by customers as potential spies.” [via kuro5hin]

Thank you for proving to me, for a change, that there are still a few sane people in our government. I guess it is noteworthy that Duhbya is down here in Texas right now. I wonder if he’s communing with his cows again?

I’m off to celebrate. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves how wonderful this moment is. Share your comments, I’m quite curious what you think.

By Christine

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3 replies on “TIPS Overhaul…”

It’s always wonderful to see a democracy (*cough* republic *cough*) work out the way it’s supposed to. I’m glad that there were some intelligent people in D.C. making the right calls and pulling the right strings 🙂

It was good in theory but not pratical. Hell, we do all the same stuff now. It’s called Community Watch and just plain, look out for your neighbors. See something fishy, call the cops. Lord knows as a cop, this happens all the freaking time.

I want to clarify what I was saying. I don’t agree with having certain people in the Postal Service and other government agencies out there as “spies” per say, with the specific job of spying on our daily activities. I do agree that Americans should just start paying more attention in their daily activities. However, knowing how Americans can get, I think the hotline is going to be inundated with calls from worry worts about normal everyday activities.

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