Tonight… Making the Band

Yes, I like to watch “Making the Band“. I have already watched the 4 episodes I missed while up North, so now I am watching tonight’s episode. I assume there was only one because that is all that Tivo recorded. Hmmm… Anyways, I think they are coming together quite nicely as a group now. I guess the other appeal is seeing just your average joe becoming a big star. I feel sorry for them – they are on the tour boss and their manager started reading clippings from the paper that puts them down, claiming they are no good, they are just another “boy band”. That has to suck. Oh look! Dan is wearing a Houston Astros cap tonight. Go Dan! Anyways, the guys sold out 90% of their tour in the US, and the O-Town album went Platinum. So the critics can say whatever they want, these guys *are* good. I will say though that I wish they had picked something different for the name of the group. I mean come on … you have to admit O-Town is just a goofy name. Bummer! I think this episode was the season finale! Mannnnn… I am going to have to get their CD.

By Christine

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