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TSS Fans, Unite!

While reading Mike’s Blog the other day, which I *truly* enjoy (it’s the geek girl in me, sorry!) I noticed his link to The Screen Savers Review. As you have noticed from all the talk this week, I am a TechTV junkie. And Robyn will try to tell you different, but I watch TSS several times a week. I don’t Tivo it because that plus Call for Help would fill up the Tivo, but it’s on at midnight-ish CST, and I’m normally still up then, so I catch the rerun. Uh, where was I? Oh, yeah, TSS Review … it’s some good stuff! And get this – Mike has talked of taking TSSR offline. *gasp* So I think it’s time I call for help … damn, that was lame … and get everyone out there that loves TSS to start visiting the site! (Uh, Mike, then can we have a Call for Help Review site? Please?)

Also, there is a Tech TV Webring site! Yes, I signed up and as I told Chris Pirillo, I am the only member listed under Call for Help. So come on and join!

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