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TV Zombies…

Which commercials from 2002 are you most likely to remember? I don’t know if I agree with all of the ones on this list, but the Sears one with the rancid milk and the wife saying “The fridge is broken” always cracked me up! (Well, after I cringed over the thought of drinking the milk. Ick!) Which commercials did you like the most in 2002? And is it silly that I still miss the “I’m coming out…” Levi’s low-cut singing belly-buttons commercials? Really, I do! [via forty.something]

By Christine

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9 replies on “TV Zombies…”

I’m a Kodak commercial kind of person. You should see me every time they come out… I cry like a baby, ha ha! Especially the one with the girl at the dog shelter, oh boy!

IBM had some that I managed to catch while watching Sci Fi’s Taken, they had about 4 in the set about pixie dust, seeing the future and couple others, but always had to laugh at the future one..*did you see those??*

I don’t know if you get them down there, but the Ikea ‘unboring’ ads rocked my socks off.

“You are crazy. It’s a lamp. It has no feelings.”

Then there’s the “Free Movie Posters” Ad for Blockbuster. The one where the rabbit and hampster are screaming at each other.

I have no idea why, but it makes me giggle. hard. every time.

The singing navels? Creeps me right the hell out. I have to change the channel.

The Blockbuster commercials with the rabbit and the guinea pig crack me up every time I see them! I especially like the new one where the rabbit opens up the door and the guinea pig’s standing in front of the mirrors with curlers and a face mask on…Small things must amuse small minds ’cause I just about fell on the floor laughing.

I love the Aflac ads. They air them all the time during Braves games and during other shows. I just love that duck.

I also like the Visa ads with Kevin Bacon and Charlie and Martin Sheen. Those are a hoot!

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