Twisted Yarns Sock Club Keychain…

I went up to Twisted Yarns today to pick up my first “Sock Club” bag, and they made little keychains that they put on each of the bags as a sweet little kick-off goodie! Too adorable! The Twisted Yarn Sock Club is a club that my LYS has started up. You could commit to signing up for either 6 consecutive months or ever other month, and each month you would get yarn for one pair of socks (I believe new yarns that the shop will be carrying), one sock pattern, and the second Saturday of each month is a knitting day at the shop so everyone can get together and work on the socks.

Normally, the new sock yarn is going to be a surprise, but I actually knew in advance what the yarn was going to be for this first round, because they are now carrying the Schaeffer Yarn Anne Sock Yarn!!! I have only been asking them about carrying it for the past year! I bought the Anne sock yarn when I visited Mac in Philly last May, and I loved working with it! I made a shawl out of it, using a pattern that I got that day at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar. They will be stocking the yarn within a month or so for regular sale. The pattern that we got for this month is a Schaeffer Yarn pattern for a sock with a lace panel on the side. I might knit that one, or I might pick out a different pattern. In an ironic twist, I ended up picking basically the same yarn that I used for the shawl, but slightly different because it isn’t dyed as dark as my shawl yarn was. I can’t wait to see all of the other Anne options that they will be carrying!

By Christine

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Hi..I don’t understand the whole sock thing..Seems like if you knit it is either a sock or a sock or a sock..I guess I should not take up knitting cause a sock is not at all the thing to wear in my state..I guess knitting is not for the southwest population..Maybe I could make some “socks” for my family in the northeast.. 🙂

Sock it to ya…

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