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I am on a very emotional edge right now. I have no idea what is causing it, but just about anything can make me cry today. It was like this yesterday too. Ugh. My dentist was questioning me about why we were redoing the crown that didn’t feel right (causing me to grind my teeth and giving me headaches), and I couldn’t take it. It made me cry. Which of course made him feel really bad, apologizing over and over again and doing the work on the crown that I needed to have done. I also have a few teeth that are not going to hold their crowns much longer so I have to go to another dentist for that. My dentist said he knows a good one that does dental implants Marco Island is where his practice is at. I think I want to cry again because just thinking about that drive puts me in tears.

At least I got what I wanted, but really? Do I have to be such an emotional mess right now?

On top of that, my cell phone won’t work. It shows the little boot-up screen, and that is it. It won’t go past that. Nada. Nothing. I’ve tried everything to fix it, so I guess the next step is to take it into the shop. I really, really, really don’t want to have to get a new cell phone.

Now I’m bitter and angry on top of being annoyed. Someone left a comment on my previous post with two key pieces of information about the Harry Potter book. You know, the one I haven’t read yet? The one I don’t want to have spoiled for me? Thanks, spineless anonymous person. I really needed that today.

I think I need to go back to my knitting. At least I only have 6 rows left on my Charlotte’s Web. Maybe that will help.

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I’ve been in that “on the verge of tears” mode for about 2 months now. I, too, have no idea why. I’m hoping that when school starts and things get back to a normal schedule, I’ll get back to normal.

I feel you, man. The phone is small potatoes, so don’t worry about it; either they can fix it, or you get a new one, and it’s even cooler than the last one. Phone aside, take lots of time for yourself. Try and relax, do a thing or two you really enjoy, eat something yummy, and soon you’ll probably feel better (I always find that these dismal stages arrive unbidden and pass on their own). When in doubt, apply chocolate. 🙂

That is exactly how I have felt for about the last week myself. Maybe it’s the weather? And now I don’t have water in the house again either!

Gah! I am so sorry someone felt the need to spoil HBP for you. That is so not right. I pretty much avoided comments and entertainment sites until after I had read it. I mean, come on, how hard is it to not talk about a book for about a month after it is released? Everyone doesn’t get a chance to read it in the first few days. The sensitivity should be very high for something as eagerly anticipated as an HP book.

I so know how you feel. I’ve been that way too lately. I have been crying at the drop of a dime. Maybe doing something you enjoy will help, it’s helped me a little. Still emotional but a little less emotional. Donna’s got some good advice, I’m going to try it.

By the way, are you still into a makeup blog? I’m finally going to start it and if you’re game, I’d love for you to join.

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