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Ultimate Dodgeball?

First of all, let’s establish the fact that I hated playing dodgeball as I was growing up. Carmen & Theresa would often make me their favorite targets of doom, hurling the ball at me at speeds that probably can’t even be measured. It was hell with a hard plastic ball. So for that very reason, the idea of “Ultimate Dodgeball” with celebrities is horrible. Yet, Dodgeball Reality Series on Target for TV. Someone is shopping this idea around, hoping that someone will pick up this show. May the network gods spare us from this misery… [via Mer, the Drama Queen]

By Christine

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5 replies on “Ultimate Dodgeball?”

I guess too many people complained about it, now we don’t get to play it anymore, I was usually the kid getting hit, but it was hilarious to wait until no one was paying attention to me and pound a kid in the side of the head. Err wait, that’d be mean nevermind … whistles …

I hated it because I have worn glasses since I was seven years old…and since we were kind of poor, I was warned to be careful not to break my glasses.

Sure enough…guess how I first got a pair of glasses broken? Playing damned dodge-ball! Of course, I was punished for this!

No way would I find such a show entertaining…unless the players were just those who tortured me in school, and I got to see them get hit! 🙂

I loved to play the game. We always had fun when we played it and nobady really hit anybody for the heck of it. I hope that they dont elimiate the game cause it is to fun.

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