Viva, Las Vegas!

I went to Las Vegas on Sunday morning – a 6:00 am flight – for Chelsey’s bachelorette party. After Saturday’s Tiara Happy Hour birthday party for Syd and Natalie, I headed for home to pack and get ready. Once Kymberlie arrived, I realized there was no point in going to sleep – it was after 1 am, and I was going to have to get back up at 3:45 to leave for the airport at 4:30.

I still haven’t recovered.

To be honest, I have never wanted to go to Las Vegas. I live in a city that is already way too hot. I don’t care if you tell me that “it’s a dry heat” – it’s a dry heat in my oven too, and I’m not about to stick my head in there. Also, once it hits 110 degrees, it doesn’t matter how dry the heat is. It is still too damn hot.

So I was surprised when I arrived in Las Vegas and was immediately hit with what a beautiful place it is. We went to the Hoover Dam, and that was really, really, really cool. Kymberlie stood in Nevada while I stood beside her in Arizona. Yeah, it’s the little things that amuse me.

We stayed at Treasure Island. We went to see “O” – the Cirque du Soleil show at the Bellagio. We didn’t get to see the Pirate show, it’s now been replaced with “The Sirens of TI” (truly cheesy, but hysterically funny). We rode the coaster at the Stratosphere. We had pedicures at the Canyon Ranch spa at the Venetian. We did the Bellagio lunch buffet. We saw the fountains there too, which were beautiful but made Kymberlie cry – so I proposed to her. On one knee, in front of the fountains, across from the Eiffel Tower at Paris. She said yes. We shared the news with everyone for the rest of the trip. We rode the Manhatten Express roller coaster at New York, New York. I took a TON of photos.

It was beautiful. Wonderful. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have had Mike and Jason there. Oh, and for it to be about 80 degrees. I would definitely return, and I would stay at New York, New York. Man, that placed rocked.

We flew in to Houston at 1:20 am. I got home about 2:30 am, and didn’t get to sleep until 3:30. My head aches from sinus pain due to flying. I just want to curl up and sleep. When I do, I think I’ll be dreaming of a return trip to Fabulous Las Vegas…

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