Watch out for These Common Solar Panel Problems

Solar panels are great, which is probably why you installed them. Sadly, every device may develop a problem at some point and solar panels are no different, which is why solar panel maintenance is important. The following are a couple of common issues linked to solar panels.

Hot Spot Problem

One common issue that affects some solar panel systems is the hot spot. This occurs when one of the panels overloads and becomes hotter than it should. This usually happens because the installation was done poorly. The solar cells are going to have to be inspected for a number of possible problems, like incorrectly soldered connections just to point out one possibility. The reason this issue can be problematic is because it could lead to short-circuits and may affect the performance of your system. An issue like this is sometimes ignored, which could also hurt the overall lifespan of the panel affected.

Small Cracks Appearing

Another problem that some solar panels develop are cracks. Most of these are quite small so they are often overlooked. These cracks normally do not cause much trouble at first but may cause issues later on. The cracks happen due to mishandling during shipping, or sometimes the panels were just poorly produced. After some time, thermal pressure or certain weather conditions are going to start to make these cracks worse, which will eventually affect its power production. It is important to have each panel inspected by a professional to ensure that minor damage like this does not exist in your solar panel system.

White Trail Issue

You may need solar system repairs Perth because of what some call snail trails. These are white lines that appear on your panels after some time. One of the reasons these trails show up deals with the metalization silver paste used to make the panels. Sometimes, the paste used is defective or is of poor quality. The paste ends up trapping moisture, which leads to oxidation. This process causes the snail trail problem, which may seem harmless at first but can actually hurt your panel’s production, which is going to hurt your ability to use electricity at home.

Internal Letdown

Internal rusting can happen to your panels. Now, this normally does not happen, especially when the panels were made correctly but that does not mean it is impossible. Panels are made to be airtight and water-tight. The ability to keep these elements out comes from the lamination used in the process of making each panel. The problem is that improper lamination means that the panel will get delaminated over time, which is going to allow moisture inside the panel. This is why your panels start to develop rust inside, which can lead to energy loss or worse. You should have your panels inspected from time to time just in case.

Most of these issues can be dealt with easily if you address them in time. Yes, the panel is going to function find for some time, meaning you can be tempted to ignore the problem but that is not wise. Troubleshoot the issue and figure out if you need to call a professional.

By Christine

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