We Got You a New CD Player…

I just sit here an laugh now when the latest Lexus commercial comes on. The holiday one with the big bows on the car? Yeah, the one where the parents tell their daughter who is all of 16 that “We got you a new CD player…” and hand her the keys to her new Lexus. COME ON, people! WHO would ever give their kid a Lexus? And like that? I just don’t see it happening – and since Kymberlie & I discussed it over lunch the other day now I laugh until my side hurts even more whenever I see it!

By Christine

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5 replies on “We Got You a New CD Player…”

Oh. My. God. That stupid commercial is so irritating. What kind of message is it sending our children? Oh yeah. I know. And I don’t like it or see it happening in my lifetime. My kids better learn that REAL quick. LOL

Those commercials just further prove my point that someone is handing out free money, and I just haven’t been told where yet! There’s a couple of commercials like that – I think the other is for Jaguar – where the wife buys the husband one, but tricks him into thinking that she got him a “toy model”… what is up with that?!? Who goes out and buys a freakin’ car with that kind of a price tag without DISCUSSING it with your spouse?!

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