We Will All Be Carried Away…

Oh dear Lord. They just announced on the news that it may be a little less damp this weekend, but that a ton of mosquitos are going to hatch because of it! They even said that our “mosquito alert” is going from medium to high.

Crap. The mosquitos are going to carry us all away. We are so screwed…

By Christine

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They are already here. I was outside for a few minutes checking my plants, feeding the fish outside and I came inside all chewed up! I am so itchy, scratchy, ugh! And they are in stealth mode because I only caught one on me… I checked my water garden container and I didn’t see any larvae there – I guess the microbe stuff I’m pouring in there is doing its thing and keeping them outta there.

I have no idea how you Houstonites deal. I was there in late May and was greeted by the worst heat *ever* at like 5:30 p.m. when I landed. I couldn’t believe that it got much worse than that!!

I had never heard a mosquito alert (or warning level, or whatever they called it) before today. Seriously cracked me up – and terrified me at the same time!

LT, you were here the same weekend as my wedding, and it was quite unusually hot that weekend. (Well, for May – not for August!) It was more muggy then normal too. Of course … it was the wedding weekend after all! Figures!

Mosquito alert?? Holy crap!!
I went to get in my pool yesterday, and it was covered with gnats. I hate them almost as much as the skeeters…
And the real shitter is…the skimmer net is not effective on them…they go RIGHT through the damn net.


Skeeter alert..thats just crazy….

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