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I have been pretty busy at work, and tired when I get home. Sometimes I don’t even turn on the computer. I do make sure once a week I run through all those links over there on the side. I put them there because I like ’em after all! So here are some comments while running through them:

James seems to be posting again, although not often enough for my happiness! I hope they get their DSL on October 11th. Note to self: James’ birthday is 10/10.

Bona Fide Cynic: A Journalog has a lovely new look. Well, lovely in IE, and I don’t use Netscape so who cares about those users? LMAO… JUST KIDDING!!! Couldn’t resist.

Julie’s site is also sporting a lovely patriotic look! Hope she gets over that flu bug soon. It sucks to be sick. Thanks to Julie posting that she is now a member of Pixelitas, I went to their site … and found a link to Deed, who used to be a member of a mom’s group online with me. We lost touch after her son Seth was born, and I have changed e-mail addresses since then… so now I have to write to her! It’s probably been over 2 years since we have talked, so it is pretty cool to have found her like this!

A Boy and His Computer has a great list of “Ten proposed new laws for this crisis”. Personally, I like … oh heck, they all totally crack me up. Go read his September 28th post.

There are new Bunny Tales. Dating sucks. If you are married, have a good laugh at the expense of those of us who have to deal with this crap.

Hilary, screw Frontpage. HTML for real is where it’s at. If nothing else, use Greymatter which would help you update. I could leave comments then too (which makes me gleefully happy!) And yes, for the sake of annoying all the squimish people out there, you should have whipped it out and started nursing right there in line. Hehehe. From one breastfeeding mom to another, I totally related to that story.

Thanks to Pamela, I found Romeo and Juliet: Peeps Style. Too funny, but not as funny as Shakespeare for the L33t. What is a Peep you ask? Those little marshmallow bird things that come all lined up in a tray at Easter time. Covered with some candy goodness, sure to send you into a sugar coma. As always, Pamela has many other hysterical posts too. People in Austin rock. And thanks to her link, after I finish posting I am going to go download Mailwasher. I want to be able to BOUNCE the e-mail I don’t want. Maybe that will end some of my spam!

I hadn’t mentioned it before, but for Banned Books Week MizDos did many wonderful commentary writings on the books. I have enjoyed reading them.

I finally remembered to move the link that was Graphically-Virtual to Sweet August Dreams.

Have I mentioned lately how adorable Mar’s latest design is? Yeah, ok, just wanted to make sure I pointed that out.

Kim is back online. Yeah!

Dawn sure does work close to the Sears Tower! Her post with pictures (September 25th) made me miss Chicago. I never lived there, and haven’t visited since I was about 15, but I sure do miss it. I want to go back. And go to the top of the Sears Tower. Soon. And how did I miss her Shoebox before? Full of all the juicy stuff I am too busy to read in the magazines??? Cooooool… What a great idea!

I hope Kelly finds a way to get out of her funk. I remember moving to Killeen and not having a job and so forth – I almost went stir crazy sitting in the house, and … ugh. It just sucked. Going to Germany was frustrating at first too. So positive thoughts go out to Kelly…

I just have to say I miss Nicole’s blog. *pouts* But I have been reading her journal and on a positive note hopefully we will get together at the Ren Fest next month – that would be SO cool. Mar, we don’t have accents, YOU DO! Hehehe … sorry, couldn’t resist!

Melissa has opened her Cocktail Lounge. I am pretty much a Margarita girl myself, loyal to Jose Cuervo. Why? Because he doesn’t hang around and kick my ass the next day. No hangovers with Cuervo. Wine? That stuff makes me miserable.

I use IE, but lately I haven’t been able to scroll Jo’s blog. Is it just me?

Sometimes I… has a cool redesign too. Reminding me I need to wrap up & send Erika’s Freshly Made design on to her.

Stefani’s 2 year wedding anniversary is Tuesday, October 2nd, along with her first baby appointment. Best wishes to all 3 of them! *grin*

Swallowing Tacks is now “Silly Cow”. Move made on the links list.

Naomi is blogging. Yeah!!! It’s like a wonderful birthday present for me in an odd way, really, it is. I don’t get to see her as often as I would like to, and I love her to pieces, so it’s nice to be able to read her site. She is always finding cool stuff on the web, so I look forward to seeing more of it posted there.

If I ever wonder about my own sanity, reading Tracy’s site makes me realize that I am as sane and freakin’ boring as they come. On the other hand, her description of the “Borderline” personality made me think of my Mom. Sad, and true. Not all of it, but parts. And people wonder why we don’t get along.

Thought of this

criminal defense lawyer anoka mn the other night when I watched Law & Order: SVU. Tonight I tivo’d the new Criminal Intent show. I’ll watch it in just a little bit.

I loved seeing Sherry’s ultrasound picture of the HoneyBun. That was the best thing about being pregnant in Germany, I got to have ultrasounds at every visit! The last 2 months of my pregnancy I was back in the States and only got to have 1 ultrasound. I missed having them all the time!

Off to eat my tasty Papa John’s Pizza that just arrived. Yummmmmm…

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I hope I can get more from the next appointment. I’m considered high-risk [with marginal placenta previa], so ultrasounds will be more frequent. It’s an unfortunate way, but at least I’ll get to see HoneyBun more often. *thinking positive*

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