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We’ll Fix You Right Up!

Channel 11 News is on. They just finished a segment about the fact that Canada is considering laws that will make same-sex marriages legal. Next up? A blurb about the Southern Baptist Convention. The Baptist are out with a new initiative tonight.

“It’s aimed at convincing gays that they CAN become Heterosexual if they accept Jesus Christ as their savior and reject what the Convention calls their sinful and destructive lifestyle.” They are encouraging churches nationwide to “compassionately reach out to gays with a message about how Christianity can save them…”

Ugh. I’m not sure if I should laugh or I should cry… Ok, I admit it. I laughed. And shook my head a lot. Uh huh, claiming Christ as your savior will make you straight! Riiiiiiighhhhht…

In case you want to enjoy this stuff live, the Southern Baptist Convention site has a webcast! I’m telling you, this stuff is so good, you couldn’t possibly make it up! I should also point out that you can get to know Jesus right on the Convention website. I’m not sure if you have to come out first before you are saved, but it’s worth a shot.

Disclaimer: I should add here that I am a Christian. I do not take the concept of being saved lightly. However, when people take religion to such extremes, it cracks me up. What you believe in is your choice. Professing your belief in Christ, however, is not going to make you a heterosexual.

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Yes, it is after all the SOUTHERN Baptist Convention. I think that is a very key factor here. Canada … accepting same-sex marriages. Southern Baptists … accept Christ and you’ll become a heterosexual!

I have to say it’s nice to hear about someone who can laugh at that kind of ignorance sometimes. Back in my dorm when there was nothing else to do, we’d all put on the 700 club and laugh ourselves silly at some of the things they had to say. Oy.

I’m not missing Texas all of a sudden. Heh. I used to watch Trinity Broadcasting late at night, as comedy. I once caught a show about “coming out of the closet and into God’s arms.” Laughed for at least a week.

This is a good example of why all Houstonians need to be aware that mayoral candidate Michael Barry is a baptist. And goes to Second Baptist no less. If you want to be able to continue drinking, smoking, dancing and being homosexual in this town, you will NOT vote for him.

My girlfriend and I heard that a straight couple we no is getting divorced and we started doing the math. In our various circles, statistically gay couples stay toghether longer and have less infidelity than to straight couples. We wondered if we should publish a scientific paper that said obviously heterosexuals are bad because can’t have succesful long term relationships. 🙂

I’m not a Canadian, but sometimes I wish I could be. In time, we’ll catch up (I hope).

P.S. My real name can be arranged to spell “One Canada Girl.” Plus, my birthday is on Canada Day. Coincidence or what?

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