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Well, there is one good

Well, there is one good thing about having a pal that is at home right now working on her resume … Kymberlie was kind enough to give me the “Springer” update today. First, it should be noted, I hate watching Jerry Springer. I used to like him, but now … they need to change the name of the show to “Freakfest” or something like that. So today’s episode had a father and daughter who … wanted … to … GET MARRIED! To each other! Yes. To each other. Sad. Sad indeed. Not sure which is sadder though – that they wanted to do that or that Springer put it on the air. Well, in the end she said that the audience booed them off and Springer refused to marry them, so they left vowing to get married somewhere. I will resist the temptation to get up on my soapbox here and give you all my speech on how television these days is at the core of the downfall of American society. Suffice to say, garbage like that should not be on TV in my opinion.

I also got to have lunch with Kymberlie, Holly and Amie at the O.G. (Olive Garden) today. Yummmmm, yum. Kymberlie, we have to continue the weekly O.G. run tradition, no matter what.

Best wishes, positive vibes, many prayers going out for my job seeking friends. Kymberlie as she works on polishing off the resume and the other one *wink* as she goes on her interviews. I wish you both the very best and know without a doubt that you will be a lot happier in the long run.

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