What a Dumbass…

Some people think the rules don’t apply to them. “He saw the line at the checkpoint and his flight was leaving 10 minutes later, so he didn’t have time to wait in line. So he went back down the escalators he came from.” His story is that, “because he had already been through security, he didn’t see the harm going back down the escalator,” Brooks said. Uh, ok, DUMBASS. But it gets BETTER! “The man was told to go through the nearby main security checkpoint. He started to walk away, but spun around and sprinted past the two guards and ran down the up escalator.” Oooooh, smart move. And then his attorney calls the lawsuit filed against him “dastardly, exploitive, irresponsible and senseless.” even though up to 10,000 people were evacuated when the airport was closed. I love how his story changed and now he says that “he was concerned about his 6-year-old son, who was at a Northwest Airlines gate while Lasseter returned to the main terminal to search for his camera bag.” Again proving what an IDIOT the man is – why would you leave a 6 year old alone at the gate in the first place?

*ucking Dumbass. I am so glad that didn’t happen the day that I was at the airport in Atlanta!

By Christine

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