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What About The Rest of Us?

Last night was my first night of the big season premiere week – I had no interest in any of the shows that were on Monday, and Third Watch doesn’t start until next week. By the way, what have they done with Crossing Jordan? *sigh* I hope they didn’t end the show – it was a lot better than many that are still hanging on.

But back to my original point … what is up with all of the car commercials and baby commercials? I watched 8 Simple Rules, I’m With Her (good, but I doubt it will last a full season), Frasier, Law & Order SVU and Judging Amy … and it seemed like every single commercial break had car commercials and commercials for Fisher Price toys. Uhm, hello? Marketing? There are people out here that aren’t looking for a new car, and who have no need for baby/toddler toys. Thank goodness I have a Tivo – I finally paused the TV and started watching everything late so that I could fast forward through the commercials! I was almost ready to scream if I saw another car or baby!

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Ditto on the pregnant Jill Hennessey thing. I can’t wait for Third Watch! I’ll be glued to the tube next Monday night. I can’t say that I’m much of a TV watcher, but Monday’s and Thursdays give good watching.

Girl, you have to do what I do. I watch something that is recorded on my Tivo (while it is taping the show I really want to watch). Then when it is about half way through the show that is taping, I start watching it. Then I fast forward through the commercials. I HATE commercials. I honestly don’t know what I would do without my Tivo.

Oh yeah, I do the same thing, watch things late so I can fast forward thru the commercials. I DID notice the exact same thing, too, all these commercials for DIAPERS and crap on prime time tv. At first I didn’t notice (’cause I watch tivoed soap operas and am used to it) then I realized it was evening. It’s so stupid. And they’re ANNOYING! Commercials w/ noise-making kiddie toys, or sappy music that marketers think plays in the background of every stay at home mom’s house. Blech!

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