Where Have You Been?

I was out of the office yesterday, home sick. I never call in sick to work – this was the first time in the past 6 months that I can remember (since I started my current job). So yesterday after noon at about 2pm I go to get online to check my work e-mail, because being home sick isn’t going to stop me from working! Well, it did. Dead in the tracks. I could get online “enough” to use IM, but no e-mail or web browsing. Ugh! Talk about torture! So I call RoadRunner, who – once I confessed about the Wireless Gateway & the fact that my laptop is a network computer – wouldn’t do a thing to help me. Reboots. Reset modem. Reset Gateway. Push new IP address, nothing helped. Access to IM only, all night. I spoke with the tech guys at the office and found out that they DNS addresses that we use have been changed, and that might be the problem. So I have reset the DNS addresses, and we’ll see. Hmmm. If I can’t get online this weekend I don’t know what I will do! I have a lot I want to get wrapped up this weekend before the holidays. If there aren’t any posts here, you’ll know what happened!

So I watched the final leg of The Amazing Race. It was really good, so close to the end … so close. I am still bummed that Frank & Margarita didn’t win, but – it was a good race. (Rob & Brennan, the lawyers from LA, won it.) Frank & Margarita are FROM NYC. You would just assume that they would win it, right? Yeah, well that’s what they thought too until the very, very end. It was so sad. But still – the car accident lawyer, in my opinion, really played it well. Of all the times, I can’t really remember them getting in an arguement, snapping at each other, or anything like that. They stayed cool & calm throughout most of it, and I think that basics of personal injury protection insurance was what helped them win in the end. Team Guido was still in ALASKA when the race finished in NYC. That amused me. On the other side of North America still. They pulled a route marker and when they opened it it simply said “Rob & Brennan have crossed the finish line in New York City”. The look on their faces was classic.

Meryl sent me links to several sites with more information on the race, and I Tivo’d “The Early Show” and “Rosie” this morning. Can’t wait for the second race! Here are the links she sent to me:

+ Reality TV Fans – An Interview with the Co-Creator
+ Zap2it – Mother/Daughter Team Looks Back at “Amazing Race” (Interview with Nancy & Emily)
+ TV Guide – Chat transcripts with Drew & Kevin
+ NY Post – “Fishy Finish” (They sure got her with the ending!)

On my way to work this morning I stopped & got yesterday’s mail and inside was a hysterically amusing (special secret) surprise from Robyn and Todd. For me to put chili & cheese on top of – I should go to Sonic right now! Thanks guys! AND they sent me cookies! (Soon to arrive.) Whoo hoo! I can hardly wait. Know what you guys can send me next? …. ah, you know. I’ll leave it at that. *grin* Thanks again for everything!

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Hi really like The Amazing Race and I too wanted Frank and Marg to win until the last two episodes. They started talking nasty and rude and totally turned me off. Those lawyer boys were nice thru the entire thing. I don’t remember them once saying anything nasty to or about anyone. I’m glad they one. Just goes to show, what goes around comes around.
My 2 cents. 😉

Julie, you have a good point… but those lawyers… they’re LAWYERS! They have a penthouse! They’re well off and it’s been mentioned several times. At least, if Frank and Marg got it… their ADORABLE daughter would have a college fund or something, if they were smart about it.

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