Renovation Time

Where is the Cleanup & Fluffing Crew?

When you watch Monster House, they do all the tear down and renovations and stuff over a week. Then at the end the companion maids shows up with the pillows and rugs and fluffy goodness and stuff and everything gets magically cleaned up and beautiful

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I just want to know where my Cleanup & Fluffing Crew is at? Huh? Huh? Where are they?

By Christine

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7 replies on “Where is the Cleanup & Fluffing Crew?”

Mom is sitting in your living room taking a break before you get home from shopping. I’ve been cleaning and fluffing all day along with Jason’s help. Your Dad is in the bedroom right now putting switch plate covers on! Get home!
Love, Mom

What kills me is that Extreme Makeover (Home Edition) can demolish an entire house.. and have it built and furnished in 7 days. I moved months ago and all our crap is still everywhere. I don’t get it. lol.

Maybe you should go find some bored kids off from school to be your fluffing/cleaning crew.. I bet they work cheap.

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