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Who Was She?

Did anyone watch last night’s Alice“? Who was it? I’m totally baffled and I can’t find it anywhere online. Anyone know?

By Christine

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7 replies on “Who Was She?”

yes, it was her! can you believe it? i had the boy look her up on imdb, and she was born in 1936, i think, so she is 66 years old. but i couldn’t believe it was her either 😉


As they were taking her away in cuffs at the end of the show, I turned to my wife and sadi “That was Alice from Mel’s diner.”.


I don’t like to see cute stars from my Childhood playing Grandmothers. She wasn’t a hottie, but who wants to see her like this?

I am not getting any older, why must they? Why? WHY?

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