Whoo Hooooo!

Just got back from seeing Jay & Silent Bob with Kymberlie. That was HYSTERICAL! Just what I needed. So glad we went out tonight to see it. Kymberlie thought there wouldn’t be anyone at the movie – good thing we got there when we did, it was a full house! I loved it. That was great. Damn, there was a line I thought, “I have to remember that so I can tell Chelsey…” and I forgot it. Man, don’t you hate that? Anyways, good movie. Two thumbs up, highly recommend. And have I mentioned how adorable I think Ben Affleck is? Yum. Adding that movie, along with Chasing Amy, Mallrats & Clerks of course, to the DVD wish list. Heck, I may even try to watch Dogma again. I didn’t make it past the first 15-20 minutes the last time. May just have to have Kevin Smith marathon movie night.

By Christine

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WHOOO!!! I am so there. That would be a great road trip! Sort of “Kevin Smith” like if you think about it, huh? I need to start shopping around to see which DVDs I can pick up cheap. I think Kymberlie said I could borrow 1 or 2 of them… Hey Naomi! Ready for a road trip?

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