Why? Why? Why?

Why do Mondays always come? Why do we have to go back to work? Why can’t grownups have summer vacations that last for months and not days? Why?

So, how do you feel about your Monday? Please share your thoughts … I know you want to! Come on, tell it like it is…

By Christine

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25 replies on “Why? Why? Why?”

In a slightly pessimistic view – Mondays exist to remind us that we have yet to take full control of our lives and that the weekend is somehow enough of a reward for letting some other authority figure use our brains for the previous five days. (must find job that pays well – requires no work – and doesn’t care if we are around… politics?)

I hated Mondays, too, when I lived in cube hell during the workweek. But now… it’s like any other day… my job is pretty much not a job (taking care of my twin nieces – 2.5 yrs old) – not that it’s not work… but I see and spend time with them whether it’s Monday or Wednesday or Saturday or whatever. It’s all good. And we do any ol’ fun thing that we want. Today might involve playing in the sprinklers and painting. Not so bad for a Monday.

The worst part of Monday is the getting-up part. It would have been easier if it hadn’t involved being cat furniture at an ungodly hour of the morning.

I actually felt kind of perky by the time I got to work, but new clothes will do that.

So I take it you’d be interested in signing my petition to decrease the frequency of Mondays from once a week to perhaps once a month or even once annually? 😉 So far, I have about 5,937,124,658 signatures…

I don’t *hate* them per say, but I will say I am not quite fond of them. It would be hellava lot easier if 6 am didn’t come so early. Like maybe starting work around 10 am on Mondays would be a better comprimise.

Mondays are basically just another day to me. I work on weekends sometimes. My wife and I have dates on Monday night sometimes. We don’t have separate “work days” and “play days.” We work and play all through the week.

And, with small kids, I wake up at pretty much the same time of the morning seven days a week. No “sleeping in” for me!

So, it’s all good. Even Mondays.

Why is it that summer vacation lasted a lifetime in school and now — in grown-up-ville — it’s already the middle of August and it still feels like it should be March?

I don’t wanna to grow up,
‘cuz if I did…
I couldn’t be a Toys’R’Us kid!

I really, really wish we could have mondays off. I don’t eal well with Mondays mornings, not in the least. Though what I am hoping for, ist hat one day in the near future, north america will follow europe, australia and new zealand and allow for a minimum of four weeks paid vacation. that would be bliss.

A month long Summer vacation sounds so wonderful. 🙂

As for Monday, I really don’t mind them. Since I work different days of the week including weekends. I work three 12 hour shifts at the hospital so each week I am working different days.

I always hated Sunday Nights because all I could think about was that Monday was next. Mondays themselves are never as bad as the dread I have the Sunday night before. I’m just weird, I guess. This particular monday sucked bad because my brother is in the hospital and is really sick and we don’t know what is wrong w/ him. I hope future mondays are better than this one. 🙁

I think Wednesday is way worse than Monday. At least going back to school on Monday, I’m fairly re-energized, but by Wednesday, I have no energy, and the thought of two days to go still just doesn’t help. So why don’t we eliminate Wednesday?

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