Why Yes, I am Still Alive…

This is probably best covered if I do it as a recap to explain where I have been:

– Saturday – Kimberly & Stephen’s wedding was a lot of fun. A small, intimate affair (well, ok, about 60 guests, but we were all on a first name basis by the end of the night) in Sandwich, MA at the Dan’l Webster Inn. The inn was really nice, the food was great, they took wonderful care of us all, and the bride & groom were very happy. It was a great celebration!

– Late Saturday night – the crazy coughing hacking begins. The worst cough I have ever had, and I was miserable.

– Sunday morning – get up to go to brunch, but beg Mike to call the doctor for me first. My voice can not be heard over the telephone by anyone, so no point in me talking. I make a list of symptoms, he calls it in, and in the end they call in a prescription to a Walgreens in Houston. Have breakfast, say goodbye to everyone. Head to local pharmacy to pick up Kleenex and some MucinexDM. Hacking continues.

– Sunday afternoon – travel up to Boston, check into our hotel (another Hyatt, again through Hotwire at a great price, this time in the heart of Boston), meet up with Guido for lunch. Head to a pharmacy nearby to transfer the prescription that is waiting in Houston to Boston so I can finally get some meds. Go to coffee shop, meet up with Grumperina to knit. Both Guido & Grumperina are as fantastic in person as they are online.

Regina's Pizza– Sunday evening – After we pick up the giant horse pills from the pharmacy (Amoxicillin), Guido drove us to the North End. We missed the right turn to get to Regina’s, so he dropped us off at Mike’s Pastry. Mike got a cannolli, and then we asked a cab for a ride to Regina’s – it is a short walk, but at temps close to 0 degrees, I just didn’t want to do it. Plus I was really hungry and didn’t feel like getting lost. The cab driver didn’t even start his meter – we just gave him cash when he dropped us off. Regina’s round 2 was just as good as round 1. YUM. Returned to hotel. Mike caught the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl, I managed to crawl into bed before I crashed. I woke up to see the end of the game, and then promptly fell back asleep.

– Monday morning – The weather in Boston was VERY different than the weather in Houston. It was 10 degrees, with a windchill of -6 degrees. Back in Houston, it was 65 degrees. Mike & I both complained that we didn’t want to return to the heat. A hat, a pair of Fetchings over my leather gloves, and a buttoned up coat that made me look like a sausage, and we were perfectly happy outside. Fortunately, the post office was right across the street – Jenn’s marzipan has already been delivered to Utah by now – and we went to the Au Bon Pain in Downtown Crossing to pick up breakfast after a quick return at Filene’s Basement. Then we were off for the airport!

– Monday afternoon – flew out of Providence, into Cleveland, and back out again to head to Houston. We had to walk down stairs from the plane in Cleveland, into the cold, the wind and the snow! It was the closest we got to snow all weekend. Otherwise, a rather uneventful flight. Express Jets are still a bit too small for my comfort. And I don’t like flying in the winter, as the need to “de-ice” the plane for safety really does not thrill me.

– Monday evening – returned to Houston, slept.

– Tuesday – slept. Had my pre-op clearance appointment for the shoulder surgery, but since I’m still feeling cruddy decided to cancel the surgery. Still need to reschedule it.

– Wednesday – slept some, unpacked some, slept some more. Went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get comfy mattress things. While we were out of town, my shoulder barely hurt at all. I’ve said for some time that our mattress is simply too hard, and as a side sleeper it was making my shoulder much worse. Sleeping on softer mattresses while out of town – complete with smooshy featherbed pillow-tops, made a WORLD of difference for me. So we read this Sleep sherpa Nectar review, topped with a mattress pad from It is like sleeping in a giant pillow. I’m in heaven.

– Today – woke up without the burning in my shoulder. Did a happy dance, as this is the first time in a long time that I haven’t had it – aside from last weekend. Voice is still not back. Coughing is still happening, but not as bad. Feeling better today, and so hopefully I’ll be able to work on the Podcastiversary Pointy Sticks show. I won’t be recording until tomorrow though, as I don’t want to strain my voice too much.

I miss Boston. I want to go back.

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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