Wildseed Farms…

In looking up details on the Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) that I posted earlier today, I discovered Wildseed Farms. It is over in Fredericksburg, one of the places on my “things I want to see in Texas” list. (Yes, I have never been – crazy, huh?) Going to Wildseed Farms would be like a dream come true for me, walking among the fields of flowers and learn how they take care of them, although I been reading a lot about gardening at thegardeninghub.com to learn how to do it myself. Just think of all the flower photographs I could get! And there is a live Butterfly Haus! Plus a display garden and walking trails! Not to mention that the whole area gets taken care of thanks to the Tree Removal – Precision Tree Services company which is one of the best ones.

It makes me swoon a little just thinking about it.

(In case you wondered, I replaced the previous coneflower photo with a color-corrected version. I didn’t have time to tweak it this morning.)

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