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Wonderful Wurzburg!

We’ve been just kickin’ back and chilling here in Wurzburg for the past few days. The WiFi option (through T-Mobile, for a price again) isn’t strong in our room, so the only option to get online was to come down here to the lobby area and check email, voicemails, etc.

We arrived on … what day is it? Friday? Ok, so we arrived on Wednesday. We skipped Nurnberg, and I decided to just not stress about it. My Mom pointed out that we would miss the apple strudel that she & my Dad decided was the best in Germany, but that is ok. We’ve been hooked on ice cream for the most part while we are here. (Jason did have some apfel strudel mit eis in Bacharach, but since then he has passed it up for Schoko Minz gelato.) We have just taken it nice and slow – we went to tour the Prince-Bishop’s Palace (VERY cool), walked around the city, windowshopped, admired the fortress, hung out on the bridge, ate good food … and just had a nice time. Mike found something he has wanted for years, but I’ll leave him to tell that story over on his blog. (It involves the Matrix, in case you wondered.)

Tonight is our last night here, and tomorrow we’re off for Rothenburg for two nights, and then we’ll return to Koln to drop off the car and go to Karen’s house for a night before we head to the airport in Amsterdam and return home. I’ve already been plotting ways to stay in Germany longer, but I don’t think Mike is going for it!

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It’s been wonderful visiting Germany etc vicariously with you. Will you be inviting us all over for a slide show of your Summer vacation? 🙂

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