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My Mom called me yesterday afternoon to see if I wanted to go to “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002)” before it left the theater. With only two shows a day, I’m sure it will be out the door by Friday. I tried to read the book but could never get in to it so I figured the movie might be just the kick I needed. We got to the theater a little early and there were just a few people there – but but by the time the previews started the place was packed. Every seat taken almost, on the front row was empty. And … it was all women. There was one man in that entire theater. Poor guy.

The movie was great. Wonderful. Simply hysterical. I laughed. I cried. More than once. I truly enjoyed it. But most importantly, there were lessons to be learned. First I was thinking this was a lot about mothers and daughters, or parents and their children. Really it applies to everyone though – before you judge someone or hate someone for who they are today, remember that there is a lot more beneath the surface that made them in to that person. We are all a sum of our past experiences, and I think Sidda’s father might have had it right – focus on the good times, those will always help get you through.

By Christine

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