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YIPPEEEE!!!!! I am *so* excited.

YIPPEEEE!!!!! I am *so* excited. When walking through Best Buy today after selecting a webcam (which I got a *fantastic* price on) I had a DUH moment. I discovered I could buy a PCMCIA card so that I could connect my Cable modem to the laptop. I am SOOOO happy. I have really, really, really missed my cable modem. Do you realize how slow a dial-up is when you have been using cable for a few months? Yeah, for those of you that have had to step back, you know what mean. On the webcam, they had several to pick from. I was looking at one that was $130 originally but marked down to $100 because it had been returned. Being, ummm, frugal, that caught my eye. But I decided it was overkill, the $78 Logitech QuickCam Web would probably meet my needs. I asked the clerk if we could open it, I wanted to see the special bracket it had to “hang” on to the laptop. He said he could not break the seal. Then I noticed that one of the other boxes had been opened – so we dug in to check it out. I asked if there was a discount since it had been opened (never hurts to ask, right?) and he said he would take 10% off. Yeah! So he went back to get the form that they have to fill out for discounts – and when he came back he said that he was told he could take 50% off!!! WOW! So I was able to get the PCMCIA card & the WebCam for the price of the cam alone. I could not have asked for a better day. And the new connection just flies on the laptop. This is GREAT!

But now could someone point me in the right direction to figure out how on earth to set this WebCam up? Please??? Send me an e-mail!

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