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Yo! You! Over There!

Working at a small company has it’s moments, both good and bad. Since there are 9 of us that work in one large room (aka “The Pit”), we tend to get a bit punchy at moments. Since it still amuses me us much, I just have to share what happened last week.

Kymberlie & I were talking about her brother’s giant 52″ TV which is in the living room of his girlfriend’s itty-bitty apartment. She said that it’s like the front row of a movie theater when you sit on his couch.

I started to say that it must be really hard to play that PlayStation 2 game that he likes to play. You know … that one … uh … what is it … “Dance Bitch, Dance!”

Ok, so it’s “Dance Dance Revolution”, and Ernie is the master of it if you were curious. But it got us thinking. I mean, shouldn’t they come out with a new game called “Dance Bitch, Dance!”? My suggestion was that you would still have the mat to dance on like you already do, but there would be people with guns shooting at your feet, screaming out “Dance Bitch, Dance!” at you. Your job would be to dance fast enough and in the right spot to dodge the bullets.

Krista, one of the graphic designers, is originally from Canada. (Halifax, if you were wondering.) She said it made her think of a strip club in Canada, and the patrons throwing “Loonies” at the dancers. (A loonie is a Canadian silver dollar.) The patrons throw the coins at the dancers, and they score points based on where they peg them.

The classic quote from this ongoing discussion which continued tonight also comes from Krista. “Look at that dancer! She has 5 nipples! Oh, wait, 3 of those are Loonie welts!”

Just remember … “Dance Bitch, Dance!”

By Christine

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