You Know You’re Getting Old…

I feel so old. Sesame Street and I are the same age (35), and do you know what they are doing? They are giving Cookie Monster a makeover of sorts, encouraging him to learn that cookies are sometimes food and he’ll soon be eating different kinds of cookies other than his staple cookie, chocolate chip.

*sniff* I can’t believe they are changing Cookie Monster…

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By Christine

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6 replies on “You Know You’re Getting Old…”

Sesame Street was so fun and so long ago. I can’t be that old, but there is no escaping it. 35 too… and my kids will probably experience more of Sesame Street through my memories than from seeing it on television with all the cartoon shows on.

It’s very sad. My 4yo once sat at the table at my MIL’s house and gobbled four chocolate chip cookies at once. And they let him do it, too (“How cute!!”); I made sure he spent the night so when he got sick they could clean it up! But he was fine.

In my mind, the show went downhill with Zoe. I hate her whiny orange face! But there are still gems there, and they still play “Ladybug Picnic” now and again!

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