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Things You Should Know: I Will Drive for an Amazing View…

Cannon Beach, Oregon at Sunset

One of our recent prompts that we gave to our Vivid & Brave group was asking, “Things You Should Know About Me If We’re Going to Be BFFs” and it got me thinking. I struggled with this prompt at first, but now that I’m aware of it I keep thinking about things I want to share — so I’m kicking off Things You Should Know Thursdays! #TYSKT

(I was going to put “about me” in there too, but then the hashtag got too long. Since I’m writing them, you know they are about ME, right?)

Things You Should Know if we’re going to be BFFs

I will drive an hour and a half, each way, for an amazing view and some time in the environment there. I do not consider this time wasted, because soaking it all in fills me up and makes me energized.

I delayed leaving Portland by a day because the forecast for Cannon Beach, Oregon was sunny on exactly one day this week – yesterday. I just had to go there and see Haystack Rock and the Pacific Ocean and hope for the best when it came to the sunset.

As you can see, it did not disappoint.

I’ve driven out of the way several times on this road trip, and never once have I regretted it. It has been worth it every time. Watching this sunset yesterday made my heart soar!

Mini Meets the Pacific

What are things I should know about you?

Join us in sharing things we should know about YOU! If you write a post on your blog about this, leave a comment so I can check it out! I’d love to learn more about you too! This prompt was intended to be lighthearted and fun, but if you want to be more serious and in depth about it, your call. If you post about it on social media, be sure to use the #TYSKT hashtag!

Other People You Should Know about…
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— My fellow Team-Xer, Patricia Knight, shares one thing you should know about her.
— I will be heading off to Camp Mighty in a week with Erica of Baubles & Bites, so it was wonderful to learn a bit about her before we get to camp!

Travel Notes

24 Hours in Portland, Oregon – What Would YOU Do?

Portland, Oregon - Fariley's Pharmacy

I’ve got 24 hours in Portland, Oregon africacasinos and I’ve got a pretty short list of things to do or see in the area. If you had 24 hours in Portland, what would your absolute MUST SEE things be? Help me make a list!

Travel Notes

Customer Service As It Should Be…

Off the beaten path in Oregon

Yesterday, in the middle of nowhere Oregon, I mapped everything out and decided I could make it as far as Boise, Idaho for the night. I need to be in Denver by Monday night for my flight to BlogHer on Tuesday, so I am trying to evenly space out the driving time over the three days. Once I picked Boise, I researched parks between where I was and where I wanted to be for camping, and when I came up with nothing in the right area, I went on to Hotwire to book a hotel room.

I did a search, selected a room in Towneplace Suites, made it part way through the booking process, hit confirm … and … loading … loading … loading … nothing. Error page. I tried to look through my account on the site, and didn’t see a confirmation. I checked my email. I waited and checked my email again. Nothing.

I needed to get back on the road, so I started the process over, and booked a room in Meridian, Idaho. Everything worked, I set the address in my GPS, and I was off.

This morning, before leaving the hotel, I decided I should check my email and clear out my inbox — where I had TWO Hotwire confirmations for two different hotels. The one I stayed at in Meridian, Idaho, and the one that I thought didn’t go through for Boise.


I called Hotwire. Explained what happened. Braced myself to have to beg and plead for a refund – but I didn’t have to do it. The rep immediately offered up that she would refund the unused room in Boise. She completely understood. (I’m sure it helped that the room I booked was in Meridian, just a few miles away.) She was delightful and chipper. Easy to understand. We talked about my road trip, and I said that driving through Oregon was GORGEOUS. She then revealed that they were in Oregon as well, so she was familiar with the Columbia River Gorge.

Since 1985, have been the leader and innovator in home warranty protection plans. We offer more coverage for less money.

No automated system. No “Press 1” menu with a million options. Just straight through to a knowledgeable customer service agent, who was happy to help me.

I’m still a little blown away. WAY TO GO, HOTWIRE!!! You got it right. I’ve been a loyal user for at least 9 years, and I will continue to be one from here on out! I’m sure I’ll be using you again on this road trip adventure of mine.

Photo above taken with the GoPro, off the main road as I took a little detour off of I-84 just to see what else was out there. Fields, farmers, and Mt. Hood off in the distance to one direction, wind farms off to the other, I saw this beautiful farm where I was able to get a diy chicken coop idea, I think I’ll give it a try, chicken coops have always been my obsession, I’ll probably get some straw and hay and make my own little farm section at home. Breathtaking around every curve of the road. For other advertisements, please checkout Etherisc token sale.

Travel Notes

The Motorcycle Theory…

Crater Lake Panorama

As I am driving cross-country, I think about how I´ve always wanted a motorcycle and I think I might get one delivered by this bike courier site and now I’ve discovered the Motorcycle Theory. The best type of ute canopy to get installed onto your Toyota Hilux is an aluminium dual cab canopy.

If spot motorcycle drivers with embroidered patches on your drive, the route you are taking is going to be amazing. Incredible, scenic views. Always remember to be careful and visit in case you need more information about accident laws. Just enough twists and curves to make it a fun drive. Often bodies of water – lakes or rivers. Or maybe mountains. Nature at its very best. Just be careful not to ruin it with an accident or else you would have to go to to report.

And you may consult Ramsden Law if a car accident happens.

Every time I see them on the road I’m taking, it is a bad-ass route full of natural beauty.

I think they are on to something. I still prefer to drive it in the Mini Cooper, but I’ll gladly follow them any time!

(Photos taken at Crater Lake — where there were lots of motorcycles around.)

Crater Lake - Wizard Island

Travel Notes

Crater Lake Camping – Kicking Off the Adventure!

We’re going to Crater Lake! We’re going camping at Crater Lake! And the BEST PART??? There will be almost no moon! YAY!!!

I realize the fact that there is not going to be a moon may seem like a strange thing to be excited about, but I want as little light pollution as possible so that I can try doing some night photography. Photographs like these have inspired me for some time. I didn’t realize until we were driving to Portland how close we were going to be to Crater Lake. Well, close is a relative term – it should be about a 5 hour drive or so to get there. I simply could not pass it up though — Portland is a lot closer than Houston!

We spent a few hours Monday afternoon at REI in downtown Portland picking up a tent, two sleeping bags, and some other items that we needed. More things to pile in to the Mini Cooper and finally I can try out the camping accessories I got from MyProScooter!

My plan as I continue on the road trip is to camp at other locations as well, and I can set up this tent all by myself. Perfect for what I needed, and even better that there is no sales tax in Oregon, we had a $20 off coupon, and we’re REI members so we will get money back from that as well.