1 Month and Counting….

The wedding is May 29th. 1 month away. I talked with a total of 4 vendors today. Last night Chelsey, Kymberlie and I went to have our dresses altered. (Kymberlie has photographic evidence – including a shot of her wearing my tiara.) 1 month. Flowers are set, catering menu is in with services from halal catering, and rooms are reserved for guests. I have finally learned why I hate planning things – because I am a freak and obsess over all of the decisions. It’s just easier to pick one quickly and get it over with. Sort of like ripping off a bandaid or something like that.

If you have an invitation and you haven’t mailed back the response card – send it. I’m starting to freak out over the guest list and the RSVPs, and I’ll start stalking you until I know what your answer is. If you’re in to that sort of thing … well, I don’t have time to stalk you really, so I guess it’s a somewhat idle threat. RSVP anyways. Pretty please.

We have no clue where we are going for our honeymoon. Instead of making the list of places shorter, we keep making it longer. GAH! I like the Danube river cruise right now though. 3 days in Prague, a trip through Europe, and ending in Budapest. However, we are still talking about Paris and Chicago too. Or Scotland. Or San Francisco. Decisions, decisions.

Ok. I’ll be ok. Breathe in, breathe out. Whoooooosh. I have no doubts about the wedding itself – but this last month is going to be crazy!

Wow. 1 month. Wow…

By Christine

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honeymoon = San Francisco. i’m here to tell you now is the right time of year. it was sunny, in the mid-70’s today, and the fog of summer shouldn’t set in until the end of June. although Paris or Budapest sound pretty cool too!

Well, you could always just get smaller thank you cards and mail them out, thanking them in a non-specific way to let them know that you have received their gifts, then later send out the formal thank you cards.

Personally, I’d pick a place you have never been. Have a fun adventure, and enjoy yourselves! We went to Sydney, Australia for our honeymoon, then drove up the east coast, to Cairns. Took forever, but the entire trip was beautiful, and I live for road trips, so we had a great time!

Have fun!


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