1 Year and a Road Trip…

Just a few weeks ago I “celebrated” the one year anniversary of being laid off from my FC. Today? Today I celebrate the one year anniversary of my job at the awesome & amazing web site design company, 4 Guys. (Yes, I was only unemployed for 3 weeks. I rock.) I love it here. Just in case you didn’t notice.

On a separate and unrelated note, check out Adaptive Reuse and their latest Press Release. What an amazing project. Here is an excerpt:

They will depart Brooklyn, NY on June, 22 2002. They will acquire all of the items necessary to travel to Houston and conduct their reuse investigation from second-hand sources nationwide, including but not limited to military auctions, unclaimed luggage vendors, foreclosed land auctions, regional Want Ads, thrift stores, eBay, impounded vehicle outlets, second hand book stores and school district surplus clearances.

Subsequently, the IAR requires that Wilcha and Freyer sell the entire research inventory they’ve accumulated upon arrival in Houston (vehicle, computer, video cameras, clothes, etc). Returning this material to the marketplace will then fund their return trip to Brooklyn, thereby completing the study. (They will be arriving in Houston on July 5th.)

I met John & Chris at SXSW earlier this year – matter of fact, we all went out to dinner and then the Continental in Austin. Incredible people. I still owe Mike & Robert for rescuing me that night – Fray Cafe was full and I had nowhere to go! I think it was one of the best nights I had too. I like meeting diverse & intriguing people. [via Mike]

By Christine

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