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A Loss for the Baseball World…

I just heard on the news that Darryl Kile was found dead today in his Chicago hotel room. I remember Kile from his days pitching in Houston, and it’s sad that someone who was only 33 would die so suddenly. It seems odd that it would be of “natural causes” but considering his family history (his father died at the age of 44) I guess it is possible. Scary though, considering he was only a year older then I am. Reminding me once again that life is precious.

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I heard of this earlier, while watching the Red Sox/Dodgers game this afternoon. They interrupted the game to announce this tragedy.

We won’t know what really happened until an autopsy is done, but foul play has been ruled out.

I feel for his wife and kids…there are three kids, the littlest less than one year old. How sad that they will never know, and grow up with their father!

I am a huge baseball fan, and although I’m in an American League town, and don’t follow the National League much, I still felt the pain when the story came out.


This has been a sad week in St. Louis.
Even though we knew that the end was near for Jack Buck, it was a HUGE loss to the community. Jack was a first class guy in way you looked at him. He moved amongst Kings and Princes, but was not above spending time with the peasants. He was one of the hardest working sportscasters that there has ever been. Many who knew him well said you could blindfold him and fly him to any city to announce ANY sport and he would sound as if he had been doing it all his life.
I was really surprised at how hard his passing hit me. I have been a fan of his all my life, but never met him personally. Driving home from work Wednesday morning, listening to the memorial calls as I drove past the ball park down town I found that I could not help but shed a tear.
That sais, now almost a week later I am ready for the memorials to stop dominating the local STL airwaves.

Daryl Kile was a different story. It is so shocking that he was 33 and in top physical shape. Thats 2 years younger than ME! YIKES. Also the fact that he left behind two 5 year old twins and a 10month old baby. I am certain that the Cardinal’s will make sure she is taken care of. I just hope it was NOT steroids that. They are reporting a 80-90% blockage of two coronary arteries. How does that happen with out symtoms?

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