A Sign, a Birthday, and a Prize…

Do you know how I realized my life has become too busy for my own good lately? This is the first time I have sat in front of a computer for more than 10 minutes since Saturday night. I feel like I have been zooming around non-stop, which is not a good thing considering I suspect that I might be getting tonsillitus all over again. I am tired to the point of punchy exhaustion lately, and snap at the drop of a hat. Whew. This weekend, things should finally slow down somewhat. If nothing else, I’m going to have to put the brakes on myself – I can’t handle this much longer.

Things aren’t all bad though – just really, really busy. Yesterday was Jason’s birthday – I can’t believe he is 12 already. Next year he will officially be a teenager, and I feel like it has all just flown by. I guess all parents say that to some extent. He had a fabulous birthday and got almost all of the gifts he had wished for at the last minute. I had asked for weeks what he wanted – he finally gave us ideas the day before his birthday! Thank goodness Mike was able to help me out and get to the store for the presents!

Yesterday was also the regional science fair, and all of Jason’s hard work this year on his project paid off. He got a second place in the engineering category for his project on trebuchets! He was so thrilled – he was just beaming all day! He wore his medal out to lunch, while we ran errands, and even to dinner last night! I am really proud – he worked hard this year, but it was a subject he really enjoyed (hey, who doesn’t like to fling things with a trebuchet?) so I think that helped make it easier to some extent. I think that’s the trick with science fair – find something you love. I made it to state science fair in both 7th and 8th grade with my project on photograms, kicking off a love of photography. Hopefully, this win will inspire him just the same!

By Christine

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My son is the same way. We ask him what he wants and he just shrugs, then a few days before he gives us a long list. I am just going to give him a gift card for Best Buy and he can get what he wants. Teenagers are so fun! The moods are something to see.

Oh yes, it was so much fun calling Mike at the store and rambling off all of Jason’s “wishlist” to him! Fortunately, he rambled a lot of items off, so we had a selection. He ended up with a Gameboy SP and a new bike!

hot dog! way to go on the science project, Jason – it’s great to see a kid who is excited about shcool!

And kudos to you, mom, for encouraging that excitement. 🙂

Hang in there, I know how stressful things get as; you get closer to the wedding!!

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